Friday, March 26, 2010

Meanwhile in a messy room across town part 5

I used screen capture for this post

So you heard me say this afternoon that I am having writers block again.
Not good.

Well, I was watching a match from the 2009 Against All Odds ppv and suddenly I had a scene.

Oh yeah, I quickly hit the pause button on the iTunes and opened the novel again, and wrote a scene where one of my leads is sitting there eating cereal.

You're thinking What? how does a ppv match equal you thinking of cereal?

Oh yeah man. True grit on this one. It was the tights. For whatever reason, my brain thought "bright sugary puffed cereal everywhere" Just a big bowl of Fruity-Os. You get the picture?

Between the green and yellow in Mr. Shelley's tights and the neon orange and day-glo green in Mr. Young's tights, I started thinking of coloured cereal.

Why I keep connecting Mr. Shelley with food I have no idea. It's some odd domestic desire or something.
But, yeah, dude I got an entire paragraph written because of that spark of thought. So, um... thanks boys for breaking down my writers block.

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