Thursday, March 4, 2010

Before Monday...

I used screen capture for this post

Back to the ring.
Yeah, I know I said I would back away from talking way too much about TNA's MotorCityMachine Guns! like some sick teenager, but you know me. I'm like a dog with a bone.
And they're my favourite topic, and they're your favourite of my topics, and you know they are just so damn hot.
Besides, I need something to distract me from the mess my real life has become.

Okay, so this coming Monday marks the move for TNA Impact. How do we feel about this?
Well, this is the laundry list of what I would like to see happen

I also think Eric Young deserves a title shot.

I would like to also point you to this here cause I think it's a pressing issue, but then again that is just me. Anything that has to do with Alex Shelley having more air time is a pressing issue to me.

As far as raping Shakespeare (reusing old script ideas from a decade ago) nothing really grabs me, other then ... bring in a boy band gimmick hahahahahaha It's funny. To me.

I was a big Steve Corino fan back in the day of ECW, if he's still wrestling, I would love to see him pop up.
I also happen to dig Trent Acid...

The other company, all seem to be worried over who the "face of the company" is. This makes me wonder, who is the face of TNA? And what makes one wrestler better then another to be considered the "face of the company"? It's more then talent, it's more then looks. It's more then ego, and it's more then the amount of fans they have.
Well, you know where my vote goes on this topic.

But you know what would make alot of fans happy... oh sshh you were thinking it too.


Anonymous said...

Wwe? The FAce of the Wwe is Jericho. Why not just say that

ardeth blood said...

Cause talking about the "other company" makes me feel like I'm cheating on TNA

Paula said...

the face of wwe is not Jericho good gawd pick someone other than that has been. Speaking of MCMG what is with shelley he looks like a skunk :)

ardeth blood said...

I know, he's doing it just to get me upset.
Thinks he's Two-Face from Batman or something.
But we all know it's not Mr. Shelley's hair we care about now is it.

Paula said...

no but one would think that Sabin would get the hint and fix his own hair but that would be way to easy

ardeth blood said...

All I know is that I would love to mess Sabin's hair up. If/when I get to meet him, going right for the hair.
As far as Alex Shelley goes I want to force feed him chocolate. LOL And pasta. Big bowls of pasta cause that boy looks like he never eats anything anymore.
I think that's why I keep coming back to these older photos of Alex Shelley, he looks thicker in them. Like he has thighs in them.


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