Thursday, October 15, 2009

Am I missing the Bride Gene?

You have heard me say a million times over that I need/want a husband, but you have never heard me say anything about a wedding.

I just don't get it? What is it that makes other women so psycho about having a wedding? The wedding is never for the couple, it's for the bride's mom. Plain and simple. It's a day for the bride's mom to show her daughter off to the world like a pony or something.

I have been chatting with a few other women in my women's group, and weddings are all any of them have been talking about.
My sister's friend just got married last month, after spending 3 years planning it. Three years!
That's nuts.

Marriage is not about who has the fluffiest dress or the most layers on a cake, marriage is about two people who decide they want to commit to each other.

I have said this before, why are "weddings" so damn interesting? No sir I don't like them.
And I personally see nothing wrong with one of those drive-thru-love-me-tender-chapels with an Elvis Impersonator as a minister.

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