Monday, October 26, 2009

I think I lost me in a dream

There is an old heavy metal song that goes "I lost me in a dream"
I'm starting to feel that way. I don't know if it's just where I have gotten into too many online projects and am sitting infront of this computer more then even before or if it's just where the season is changing and another year is creeping up on me?

Could be all the above I really don't know. My brain is mushy lately.

I have been chiming in along with my friend and her husband, trying to get my Niece to read more. The fact she's been reading the same 180 paged book for the last 5 months was an issue.
Now the universe is slapping me around for nagging the kid (she's 14) cause I received a copy of the first book by the same author for review, which is only 180 pages itself, and I have been trying to read it for the last 5 days. I keep putting it down to do other things.

180 pages, I should be able to knock that off in under two hours.
My review was due yesterday, I am only on page 73. And it's not like its a bad book either, it's really good for the genre and the fact it's a Young Adult novel.

Sad isn't it.
I think I blew my chance at getting an author interview though by not making deadline for the review. Which sucks big time as the author just had a movie made out of his book and it would have lead to a secure spot on their book tours in the future.

And you have heard me say before...or read actually... that I am part of a bunch of other blogs and sites. The internet is sucking the life out of me, it's a vampire it has to be.
Anyways, last night I was working on a project with wwegirl from Blind Tag Blog, and we got it in our heads to do a wrestling site on
Brilliant aren't we. When trying to figure out the name, we searched the ning sites to see if there were any other wrestling sites. There were already 240 ning sites listed under wrestling.
I had second thoughts. That's alot of wrestling sites. Anyways, we went ahead and found a title we agreed on and then the big question Who will be the "site creator" ?
As you can only have ONE site creator and the rest are admins.
I got stuck with the honor. Lovely. Great. Just what I needed.
I already have my horror site, my pagan site, and my vampire fan site. Not too mention I am admin on a Networking site for other site creators, an admin on the Women's site, and a very active member in a bunch of book sites for authors/publishers/reviewers.

I think I just sealed my own fate. Starting to feel like I am in the Matrix or something, always jacked in. Always online.

1am rolled around and I was heading to bed when I get a dren load of messages from my Admin on my horror site. Bunch of issues that needed to be brought up. He'd spotted me online and thought that was the perfect time to tell me what he'd been dealing with on the site with a few members.
It was 230am before I finally got done with the situation.
Admins are there to look after the sites. He could have banned the member himself.

I can't even remember the last time I had a chance to sit down and work on my studies. Last year this time, I had started to study Vodun. I am guessing the universe has another path for me cause it got off course very quickly. Most pagans believe you do not choose your spiritual path, it chooses you.
This had been the 3rd time in my life I had wanted to study Vodun and was derailed.

I'm at the point where I am not feeling like "me " anymore. I've lost me somewhere.

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