Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 17

I think we're at #17 aren't we? I haven't bothered to check.
Anyway, all has been silent from that dating site for over a month, and today I get 5 guys message me out of nowhere. Hum.
I haven't had any assholes yet, until just now.

Some guy messaged me asking how I was. Was polite, said my day was fine and I was very busy.
Then he calls me a bitch and asks if I am like that with everyone or just "ugly guys who message you that have no right because you are so hot!"
That is a cut and pasted direct quote.
Then he messages me right back and calls me superficial with a "good luck you're going to need it!"

Wow. Someone is angry and bitter. Now that is someone who really needs to get laid eh?

I didn't even bother replying back as he's a waste of time.
Me superficial?

Dude, I can do better then that. And I have.
Hey, I know I 'm not Elvira or anything, but I've had my share of good looking men; okay so they used and abused me but they were hotties.
I seem to be good enough to get a hot young 24 year old who likes me enough too so can't really complain now can I? Nope can't.

So then why am I bothering to talk about this one?
I'm not even sure myself really.

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wwegirl said...

some men need to get a clue that the world doesn't revolve around them. That women do get busy with things what you should sit there for some guy to beck and call upon you when they feel like it.


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