Thursday, October 8, 2009

Countray to Popular Believe My Mouth is not that Big

Or maybe it is.
My last challenge for the all Jane Austen Challenge is an essay on the men in the novels. No pressure That's just 6 novels, 10 movies, and roughly 20 characters to decode.
I know I have whined about it before. How do I get myself into dren like this? Or right, I open my damned mouth and speak without letting my zombie brain kick in first.

Well you know 35 years of bad habits are hard to break.
Well then let's see, Mr. Darcey, Mr. Knightly, Mr. Collins divide by 5 and carry the 7 equals Mr. Rushworth. I think?

This time around my quick wit and heavy handed sarcasm won't be enough to pull my ass out of the pit. I was never good at essays. Totally blew dog backwards on the whole five pages or more doubled space blah blah blah part of school.

Good thing I never became a teacher like everyone expected of me eh? God that would have killed me. Being a teacher. We have more then enough teachers in the family. Damn this is what happens when I haven't had any coffee yet, I babble ruthlessly about myself. But then again it is my blog so I am entitled. (what do you mean your blog I thought this blog was about the wrestlers Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley? You talk about them so much I thought it was dedicated to them or something)

Was so out of sorts last night about a bunch of stuff that when I went to watch Lost Boys, I didn't even notice I had grabbed the sequel and had it in the dvd player for a good five minutes before I came around. By that time I was just too damned lazy to get up and hunt for the proper movie that I ended up watching Lost Boys 2 the Tribe. yeah I'm loosing it big time. Worst of all, I found it funny. LB2Tribe that is, not the loosing my mind part.

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