Thursday, October 22, 2009

He's Perfect Can I Have Him?

I'm up, took a look at my emails, same old same old. Then I see on one of the billion ning sites I am part of "blah blah blah has added you as a friend on books"
No surprise there as it's a networking site for authors and publishers. So I go in and accept the request without even thinking twice.
Then I see this dude's photo. Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!
He's hotter then hell in a bathtub!

So I am just sitting there spellbound for a few minutes, then tell myself don't even think about it. So I go back to my emails, and poof there is a message from him. I blink thinking it's most likely one of those uber lame "thanks for the add" crap then hit the link and check it out.
Totally not. He's asking about me.
Um...okay that's new and shinny. Check out his profile a bit, yeah new author. But I reply to his comments and then think I'll send him a private message asking about his book.
No answer. Just as I thought, he's one of those internet guys. Everything has to be comments in the open for the world to see under three lines. Bummer.

So I will just guess when he's ready to have someone review his book I will hear from him again.

The universe is just teasing me isn't it?
Well if the ceiling gods are not going to give me a husband, at lest give me the means to get my books out there and on a few best sellers lists. Is that too much to be asking for? This is me trying to network in case you didn't pick up on it.

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