Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Global Impact 2

I used screen captures for this post

I guess iTunes Canada loves me too after all. They got the hint and had the show available this morning.

The show started off very different then a normal episode of Impact, with a low key over view of the press conference that was held before the event. I am not talking about the typical promos that are staged as "press conferences" on other wrestling shows, but a real news and proper media press release.
The flash back from the year before was packaged nicely, giving just enough information to give the audience a back story between the teams.

First up was the MotorCityMachine Guns! They wrestled No Limits for the IWGP Jr belts. I was caught up watching this one and it wasn't until the Guns! slammed into each other that I remembered I'm suppose to be taking notes. Alex Shelley got crushed with a leg drop to the jaw twice, before Chris Sabin was able to land one of his suicide dives. We then see Shelley is bleeding; not sure if it's his nose or mouth. Sabin managed to get a submission hold on, don't think I have ever seen him use submissions before. Sabin got in one of his beautiful spring rope DDTs. They used a combined move to get the win. The post promo showed just how much damage Shelley had taken during the match, with a swollen lip and broken nose.

Next was Kurt Angle/Kevin Nash as part of an 8 man tag. (sorry I didn't get the names of the other men) Nash started this one off with a few trademark forearms. There were so many quick tags I lost count. Angle finally made it in to the match near the end, and used a beautiful suplex. Angle managed to get this trademark Ankle Lock on for the win.

Final match was Team 3D vs Togi Makabe/Toru Yano for the IWGP belts. Devon started the match off. Both teams went for an early pin. Brother Ray tagged in turning it into a slug fest. Weapons then appeared as this was a hardcore match. Brother Ray managed a frog splash with some humour. They used a 3D and won the belts.

This was a very well put together episode. I liked the seriousness of it, and the quick packaged promos.

And given it was only an hour show, the three matches were well paced.

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