Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You know that movie

My friend phoned, laughing and I had no idea why at first. Then she says your Niece has something she wants to ask you.

Niece : Can I borrow that vampire movie.

Me: What vampire movie?

Niece :You know that vampire movie.

Me: What vampire movie?

Niece: That one we watched that time.

Me: You don't remember the title?

Niece: No. But can I borrow it?

Me: You remember who was in it?

Niece: You know the dude from that other vampire movie.

Me: You wanting a dvd or vhs one?

Niece: DVD silly. So can I borrow it?

Me: I need to know which vampire movie you are meaning because I need to know what storage bin to look through.

Niece: Well how many vampire movies you have?

Me: 6 storage bins full. So can you tell me which vampire movie it was?

Niece: The one with the dude from Dracula. You know the one with the flying cows.

Me: Oh, the Littlest Vampire. Okay.

Now I know why my friend was laughing so damn hard.

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