Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh my Now my Mom loves him

I used screen capture for this post.

It was a lovely raining afternoon here in Thunder Bay, and I was on the phone with my mom. I sent her one of the links to my posts wanting to know if it sounded okay, because I had a headache and was not focusing on what I was doing.
She thought it was fine. Then she started to ask who was who, as it was one of my TNA weekly reviews. As I listed off the guys in the photos, mom made her usual comments (he's ugly, he's hair looks stupid, why on earth do you waste your time watching wrestling) then she did something odd.

Mom-He's cute. Who's the cute one on the end?

Me- Which end? There are 5 guys standing there which gives two ends.

Mom- The one on what would be my right with the spiky hair. He's cute.

Me- That's Alex Shelley.

Mom- He looks normal. Not like the wrestlers you see on the other show that are so big they look like they will explode any second. What did you say his name was ?

Me- Alex Shelley. He's part of my favourite tag team. I talk about them on my blog every week, you know the MotorCityMachine Guns!

Mom- Agh, I don't read your blog, don't understand why you go on about what you go on about. I never pay attention to half what you say ; you talk so much. *high pitched laughter for a few minutes* But he's cute I see why you like him.

Now, this is a worrisome thought for me. My mother and I having the same taste in men. Even if it is just a celebrity. I will deal with the idea by telling myself my mother's taste in men has improved over the last few years since divorcing my dad. That is what I will tell myself.
I guess though we can't blame her for finding Alex Shelley cute, as everyone and their dog's grandmother knows I think he's the sexiest man alive, Dionysus in human form. This is the part where you all go running to google the god Dionysus.

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