Saturday, August 15, 2009

I just can't

Repeat after me

I am not a foodie.

Right. And anyone who has seen my kitchen knows why.
One of my main blogs My Cup Is Empty needs a facelift, and it was suggested I turn it into a food blog. It was a coffee blog, that died.

I mean, I could try it. But how good would it be if I have no heart for it?

10:11 am Saturday

Okay so I joined a foodies site.

It's like myspace/facebook for hardcore foodies.
What am I doing there? And why was I drawn there?

Why was I drawn there?
I don' t know.
There was a time I cooked all the time. I was a really good cook. Not great, but good.
Now it seems I have un-learned how to even boil water.
Since becoming a vegetarian my kitchen skills have gone down hill because I have become lazy.
At first I was at lest exchanging the meat for tofu in recipes. Half the time they turned out icky but I was trying.
Now, I just make pasta. I eat pasta for lunch and supper every day. And my waistline shows it.

In the beginning, when I first moved here to this apartment almost 10 years ago, I had dinner parties every Sunday. People actually liked coming over here for food.
Then I stopped. And I got lazy and my environment shows it too.
Now my kitchen just scares me. I let my environment become a toxic waste dump and I don't really care.

I have the odd "wish I was more like Grandma Perry" moment. Okay so they are more often lately then I want to admit.
Grandma Perry was a Kitchen Goddess!
She could bake anything, cook anything, there was always a pot on every burner and something cooking in the oven with a tray of something cooling beside it. The smells that came out of her kitchen would draw the neighbours for lunch/tea/supper every day. There was always trays of cookies/cakes/desserts all homemade with jams and breads again all homemade.

Me, I am lucky if I can made tea never mind the goodies to go with it.

There is just something about being Newfie that screams homemade.

All but me. I am the only Newfie on the planet who does not like seafood of any kind. I might even be the only vegetarian Newfie out there.
I keep saying if I just had someone to cook for I wouldn't be so lazy about it.

Well, I don't have anyone to cook for. I need a husband.

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