Saturday, August 22, 2009

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet part 5

Joel Thomas Hynes.


He's hot, he's creative and he's Newfie.
He's number 5 on my top sexy men list.

Now, I have only had the chance to hear his one speech "GodHelpThee" as far as his writing goes, but he did write the original story for Down to the Dirt. A movie I loved. And why I think he's so damn hot.
Did I mention that he's Newfie? Cause if I didn't let me again. I am a sucker for a Newfoundland accent.

And what would you do if you got to meet him? for coffee ...yeah that's it. And beg him to read to me. Like I said I just love a Newfoundland accent.


Anonymous said...

Joel Hynes creative! Give me a break."down to the dirt " an original story! down to the dirt is all about his teen years on the southern shore of nfld where i'm from. It's hardly original since he just recounts what happened and changes the peoples names to make it seem like it's fiction. Slagging the people he didn't like and making himself out to be a rebel hero. Very childish... i've known this moron all my life. He never grew up and probably never will.

ardeth blood said...

Someone's bitter

Anonymous said...


GingerRoot said...

I see why you like him. He has a Chris Sabin thing happening. Ha-Ha!

ardeth blood said...

You are worse then I am on the Sabin topic.


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