Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can I be rescued?

I was actually in a really good mood today.

Then the landlord came crashing through like a crazed bull screaming about the downstairs neighbour's bathroom having water damage.

Dude, you said that last year too and you could not find anything wrong with my shower.

So today, he brings in a bunch of repair guys. Yes more then one, saying it's my shower. They looked, nothing out of place, they ran the water with the curtain shut, nothing leaked, they ran the water with the curtain open, still nothing was leaking. Then they tried the taps. There was no cocking around the taps, and the water was pouring back down the inside of the walls. The main repair guy turned to the landlord and asked him when he replaced the pipes last? Landlord said after stammering he hadn't.

See not my fault.

I have been looking for a new place for the last week and a half, so far can't find anything I can afford. I really hope I find something soon.
This is just one thing in a long list of issues since this landlord took over. Don't even get me started on the lack of snow removal and ice.

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