Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 11

Why are men so pushy?
You never get emails from guys you want to talk to on those dating sites but you get buried under emails from guys you are never interested in.

This one guy got a hold of me few weeks ago, I was polite in replying, answered the questions he asked but did not encourage him at all. I did not ask anything in return. He went away, thought he got the message. Nope he did not.
He messaged me again yesterday, I was once again polite answering in part his questions. Thanked him for the compliment but that was all.
Today he messaged me another 2 times, I finally had to tell him I just was not interested.

Which is nothing, he was polite in all his messages so I did not think it necessary to block him. And dude I have had to block more creeps then I thought were alive in this town.

When I find a guy I think is interesting, I send one message. I wait a week. If I hear nothing back, then I move on. If he replies but is not adding anything to the chat after the second email, I give up.

One of my best gay male friends is way too pushy too. He tells me about how he sends messages to guys he likes, and they never reply back then he freaks out on them and blocks them. Dude chill out.

And speaking of head games, The Austen Aries Look a Like (I have to find a better id for him) messaged me asking me to go clothes shopping with him.
um No.
The dude stood me up last week, why would I want to go help him pick out clothes? I never even did that when I was relationships with exs. Why would I for a stranger I haven't even met in person yet?

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