Friday, August 28, 2009

Courtship and Crudeness

One of the members of the All Jane Austen Challenge posted on her blog as part of her challenge, the question of dating in our time vs Jane Austen's time.

This got me thinking. If you remember, way back I did an article for Divine Caroline called Should We Return to the Jane Austen Era? (May 2007) and with all my recent posts thought it might be time to return to that line of questioning.

I have been finding that more and more people are meeting through dating sites, and online in general. This giving them the chance to find out more about each other at a slower pace, then just getting together at a bar. Hell, I have met my last 5 boyfriends/lovers online.
And it's been a 50/50 success rate with them. Yes, I met the guy from Boston online, Dargo online, Freud online, and a few other oddities too.

What guy from Boston?

Oh right, he was back in 2005, and I wrote about him on an old blog way back when. He was sweet, 8 years younger then me....anyway back to the now.

What ever happened to blind dating? Like in Jane Austen's time, you were set up by a friend who was a strong member of society and knew everyone. Don't think in my 35 years have I heard any of my friends having blind dates.

Or the simple thing of going out on a walk? That was the one thing that in Jane Austen's time was allowed for two people to be "alone". Which they never truly were, as someone always had to accompany them. But it would give them the chance to talk while out of the house. Speaking of which, the house was where the action happened. Private dances, dinner parties, and short visits for tea. Why don't people do that anymore?

For a woman, you were not allowed to draw attention to yourself (which is why in Pride and Prejudice Kitty and Lydia are considered shocking) until after you were "out in society". Stop snickering. That is something I think should be returned to. Maybe we wouldn't have so many teenaged pregnancies if we followed a few rules instead of just running around like wild boars.
Few weeks ago I was roaming around the mall in my best zombie mode, when I spotted two 12 year old girls. Now, I know that they were that young without even having to get up close to them. And I know this, by the fact that no woman in this city over the age of 17 wears an outfit to rival the character Samantha in Sex and the City. By the time you are 17 in this city, you have out grown the need to look like a cheap hooker. Even the hookers in this city don't look like hookers. But these two kids were standing there in the middle of the mall dressed in 6 inch heels, tube top dresses, and hair that would make the lead singer of any metal band in the 1980's jealous. Yes it was that sad.

I think bars have spoiled the world for romance. Scratch that, for understanding. But that is another post for another time.

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