Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meanwhile in a messy room across town part 2


Deep breath.
I have only been doing the cooking blog for 1 week and already I have gained 5 pounds. What the freal?
And October season is almost here.

Now we have had this chat before at some point, I am just too lazy to look for the post. October in Thunder Bay is not a month but a season. Thanksgiving in Canada comes a week and a half before Hallowe'en, the weather changes more then once and the leaves turn colour.
Stores here have already gotten their Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en decorations out.

And I am broke. Sucks to be me right now. All the Fall patterned materials, all the fake flowers and center piece decorations, all the spooky sounds cds. And I am broke.

Yes, me this time of year in the stores is like a junkie getting into a hospital cupboard. Yep Yep.

I also have been believe it or not getting hyper just a little about the release of the new Halloween 2 remake coming out next week. I hate the original Halloween movies. But this one looks good.

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