Friday, August 28, 2009

If I Scream Would You Care?

The bathroom is still ripped apart.
Spent last night at mom's, and could not get a signal for my laptop. Ended up having to try to use mom's. I say try.
As I am a Mac, and run on FireFox while she is a PC and runs on Internet Explorer.
And so slow. So very slow.
You know me, I have no patience for anything that takes longer then 2 minutes... well okay one thing that better take longer then 2 minutes ... but back to the point. And of course last night everyone and their dog's grandmother was online wanting to chat, to skype and all that.
Mom does not have skype, and I was not allowed to download it.
I remember now why I moved out of my parents house. All the little picky things.
And now I see where I get my worst nagging habits from.

So I packed up my laptop and came home for a few hours just to get caught up a bit on the websites.
The bathroom is still looking like a war zone.

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