Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fabulous or Frightening

This is a mixed post. Not really a "What I learned from Sex and the City" not really a "Are there any Straight Single Men left on this planet" but somewhere in between.

You have all been following my misadventures in dating over the course of this fabulous yet goofy blog, and you have photo proof of my physical self of which you are very aware I do not photograph well at all.
Still hitting that dating site every so often, seeing alot of hot guys on there. Maybe too hot.
Here is the thing, everyone and their dog's grandmother wants someone who's sexy, drool worthy and will make their friends/enemies/frienemies turn ten shades of green. And alot of these hot sexy guys know they are hot sexy guys. They can get any woman they want, and normally do. But they are not keeping them. For whatever reason, otherwise there wouldn't be so many of them on the dating site.

In the Jane Austen Book Club (movie version) there is a line by one of the main characters that says "the pretty marry the pretty , the ugly the ugly" which is true.

Or is it?

I am finding the average guys won't give me the time of day on there, but the hot guys are. Granted I am not getting any dates out of the whole thing but I have been getting some conversations that are surprising.
The most common thing they are saying, these underwear models/bodybuilders/ubergods is that they are not getting hit on. They all seem to be getting alot of views but no actual messages. Other then from me. But then again I am bold enough to take the risk. When you look like I have for the last 35 years of being on this planet (well okay you seen my photo of when I met Vampiro in 1999, I am ten times better looking now so....) you can't afford to wait for the man to say hi. Because you will be waiting till hell freezes over.

Some of these guys are too good looking. It's a bit of a put off, very intimidating. You see them and even if they sound down to earth (and all the men on the site no matter what their looks all claim to be down to earth and easy going) I end up freezing up with the little voice over my shoulder screaming at me that "someone that hot would never look at me". And I am sure I am not the only woman on the site having that voice in their ear.

And they all complain about how they are more then just their photos, then turn around and state that they want a thin, petite woman with big boobs.
Or if you live more then 25 minutes away not to bother.
Double Hmmm.

Makes you wonder what's wrong with these guys? They seem to come across as knowing what they want, but if they are not finding it, there has to be something wrong with them, right?
Here's my theory. The uber hot men are too used to having a swarm of women after them that they are just sitting back and waiting. Waiting and looking sexy hot. While the women are too afraid to make a move because these men are too good looking.
Alot of the average guys meanwhile are on dozens of favourite lists, and the reason they are not giving me the time of day is because they are busy with the hot chicks.

Follow me?

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