Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Know any good cooks? part 2

Okay so I finished the book in record time I might add. My last post I said I was being drawn to the story and did not know why, and if there was any A-HA! moments I would let you know.

Does this count?
*What I feel I am missing is the sense of community, of family and friends.
*I feel I am really short on respect.

I asked myself and put it out there on another site "Are we blogging because we have something to say or because it's expected of us?"

This woman found her purpose, her connection to life at age 30. I haven't found that yet and I am 35.

So it comes down to needing a "Project" to keep me busy and find some meaning for my life. Well let's see, I run something like 8 blogs, 4 ning.com sites, all on different topics. This half year I am part of the All Jane Austen Challenge. I am wanting to move (still) and I have my novel's first draft I am working on.

Hm. Not very exciting.

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