Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meanwhile in a Kitchen across town

Still hanging around mom's while my bathroom is still torn apart.
Made what was suppose to have been a butterscotch swirl loaf last night. I say suppose to have been, because it didn't work. I will post the recipe and photo on the cooking blog when I get home for my own computer tomorrow. In all it's failed glory.

It's really no fun with no one to cook for. One of the reasons I stopped cooking few years ago.

I need a husband. But we have covered that many many times haven't we.

Speaking of my lack of a life, I have been chatting with a guy from Ottawa. Yeah, I know another long distance thing. So far, he seems nice. He's cute. And as my niece pointed out he looks like Dargo. My friend's husband asked me what I was hiding from.
Do you think I am hiding?
I'm not hiding. I'm waiting. Waiting for a guy who reads Jane Austen, and likes vampire movies, and is an artist and looks like a member of our favourite tag team.

Our? Who is this Our you are referring to?

Us, you and me; my dear readers. Whomever you might be.

Which member?

I have to pick? Can't I have a guy who some how looks like a mix of them or something? Okay, well if I have to pick, then a guy who looks like Alex Shelley. But I would be very happy with a guy who looks like Chris Sabin. I don't wanna choose just one. I wanna be greedy.

Speaking of the perfect man, and aren't I always? One of the challenges for my All Jane Austen Challenge, is comparing the movie version of The Jane Austen Book Club with the novel. I keep getting hung up on the scene in the movie when Prudie's husband Dean reads to her from Persuasion. There is just something extremely seductive about that scene.

Yes I am morbid.

Whenever I talk to my friends I always ask how they knew that was the person they were meant to be with. I have noticed one common thing in all the stories my friends have told me. The guy always chased the girl. The guy always seemed to know that the girl was the one. The women never seem to. Everyone of my friends over the years has told me the guy seemed like a total pain in the ass or a complete geek but that the guy was just not giving up.
So that' s my problem; I have never been chased. I'm always the one going after the guy. And obviously I have been wrong every time.
Yes my dear readers, I have the worst taste in men.

What about Our tag team? If you are crushing on them and you have such bad taste in men, made so many bad choices what does that say about them?

They don't count, they are celebrities.

As far as the guy from Ottawa, he's been a sweet distraction. But I have a feeling it's already done.
Can you feel the distraction in this post? I haven't been myself lately.

So I suppose if the Fates have someone for me to be cooking for, he will know me when he sees me. And I would hope he has read at lest one Jane Austen book.


Anonymous said...

"They don't count they are celebrities."
You make it sound like they are not even human.

ardeth blood said...

Well Alex Shelley is a god, and I am not sure about Chris Sabin.


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