Monday, August 24, 2009

When Hobbies Run Amuck

4 sites that I own or moderate on ..... check
1 vampire review blog.... check
1 wrestling blog.... check
1 book blog.... check
1 cooking blog...check
1 blog for everything else.... check
1 All Jane Austen Challenge.... check
4 book clubs... check

1 novel half written with a rapidly approaching deadline .....check
1 apartment hunt... check
1 niece who is demanding a painting done in all the colours of the rainbow ..... check

And this is my life. Wait it will get worse come the ice and I am trapped inside for 4 months straight.
I was really hoping to be moved before winter comes, but not sure about that. Cause you know that would make my life easy, it would make sense. But this is Thunder Bay, and why would you want to make sense? Rigggghhhhtttttt.

The wrestling blog was started as a group effort. I sadly am running it almost by myself. Everyone bailed on me. Their excuse... "it's just a blog not a real magazine." it's just a blog not a real magazine. And it never will be if you have that attitude! Stupid frealers! Sorry, are my fangs showing again?

The site (the women's group) I am on there alot, doing bunches of nothing. And I understand, all the other moderators are married with kids and full time jobs, so me being you know single and chained to my laptop anyway, I get asked to check in on this or that and make sure everyone is approved for membership and this and that and all . I get it, I knew the extent of the job when I signed on. But I didn't realize I would be the sole person during the day time. It just seems like, none of the other admins/mods are around at all when I am. I go to bed at night around whenever (midnight normally) and wake up to tons of emails and messages from all of them. All the other admins/mods are online between 1am and 6am. The few hours I am not online. Ain't that a kicker. Too bad it's a volunteer job.

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