Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My most popular post...

In the wee hours of a Friday morning on March 27 2009, I could not sleep. For whatever reason I got it in my mushy brain that I did not like wrestler Chris Sabin's hair.
I still don't. It's too long and makes him look like he should be working in an auto shop.

So because of a conversation I had with a buddy of mine few hours before, I decided to blog about it.
The conversation was simple, how do you get the attention of a celebrity?
Do you fall down and do a "we're not worthy" worshiping the shoe crap they have dragged in over the rug? Do you flirt? or do you treat them like normal people.
The conversation went like this:

Me - I want to get an interview with Chris Sabin. How do I do that?

Buddy - Send him a photo of your boobs.

Me-Um..right. I am trying to get his attention not scare the crap out of him. Seriously now.

Buddy-I like your boobs. You have my attention.

Me-You're not an international wrestling superstar. Besides what part of I want to interview him are you not understanding. Interview. Meaning chat. So how do I get his attention?

Buddy-I say flirt with him.

Me- Lovely, my career as a Journalist is over before it has really started.

Buddy- Try the fan site on myspace or something.

Me- *deep sigh* I did. I complimented him on his drop kick.

Buddy- *mad fit of laughter* Think about how much fan praise he gets every day from people. Take a more personal approach.

Me- What I should insult his hair?

Buddy- *more laughter* Sure. Insult Chris Sabin's hair, and send me a photo of your boobs.

So this led to me posting my little rant which had then started a bunch of little posts on him, and therefore he needed his own label.
The question now is why? Why has everyone and their dog's grandmother loved or hated my talking about Chris Sabin's hair so much?
Did it work in getting me his attention? Not that I am aware of. I don't normally talk about celebrities, because it gets boring after a while. But yet here I am once again yammering on about a celebrity.
A very sexy, very talented, very cute celebrity. Who still has bad hair.

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