Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Stole My Vampires?

Oh my!
I am missing vampires.

Hang on what?

My. Vampires. Are. Missing!

You know my books, cds, dvds, candle holders, and other vampire related stuff. Well, okay, a few books and like two soundtracks, but they are missing.
Sort of.

I said in a post not too long ago that I have started to look for a new apartment. So mom said she would help me start packing and downsizing my stuff. I can't find what she did with my Anne Rice novels. Don't know if she packed them or just moved them or what but I can't find them. She better not have thrown them out. I always keep Lestat on the table in the livingroom. You know the read one. (the red covered mass paperback copy of The Vampire Lestat from 1986) And granted the cover is torn in more then one place, and the pages have yellowed, some falling out as there isn't much spine left to the book, and the pages that are still together have all been dog eared, unlined quotes, coffee stains. But we are talking Lestat here. Of all the books on the planet mom would know better then to do anything to it.
So why can't I find it?

Wait a minute you are freaking out over a frealing book?

Not any book, Lestat. I was 12 when I got that book. It's been my bible so to speak.

35 - 12 = carry the .... 23 years you have had that book.

Yes. it was the first book I was ever allowed to pick out myself. Mom used to censor everything like a half way decent parent should to a certain age. So when I was twelve I got to start buying my own stuff. So that book represents me. That book lived in my purse from grade 6 all the way through to college. That book has traveled to Newfoundland, Edmonton, Toronto and back. That book has outlasted all my boyfriends.
And mom put it somewhere that I can't find it.

It's a book. Stop freaking out.


(a half hour later) Okay called mom and she said the Anne Rice novels are in a storage bin. That she just forgot to label it would seem. Dude I really do not want to rip open all the storage bins. This sucks.

Now what did I do with the dvd Nosferatu?

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