Monday, August 10, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 9

Guy on dating site : Ohmygodddddd! UR soooo fukking hot! Ad ME! to UR MSN NOW!!!!!

Um no.

I seem to be getting this alot lately. Always from some half baked local piece of dren who's photo has him holding a beer up to the camera.

I can do better. I have done better.
And I don't do msn or yahoo chats. Why is it these guys think that adding them to a chat list is going to make us swoon?

Dude get over yourself. All you have proven to me by that message is that you can not spell, or use a spellchecker, or find a dictionary. Which puts the idea in my mind you can't even read.
It also tells me that you have a drinking problem, as all you have in your photos are you holding a beer at a BBQ, you holding a beer in the pub, you holding a beer in your living room with your friends who are holding a beer too.
I don't need that. If I wanted a typical Thunder Bay guy, I would not be using a dating site to meet men, I would just be hanging out down at Newfie's Pub every night.

And if I am really "soooo fukking hot!" as you claim I am then why am I not getting asked out on dates? It eludes me. Isn't the point of a "dating site" to find someone to date? Just a shot in the dark. If I wanted anything less civilized I would be on some other internet community trolling for men.

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