Monday, August 3, 2009

Know any good cooks?

I saw the trailer for this few months ago, and with it coming out next week, I wanted to read the book first.
Picked it up last night, am halfway through it. I stopped to make a coffee and check emails.

You know when you are just drawn to something and your not sure why?
That is what this story is for me. Something in the air nagged at me till I got off my fabulous middle aged ass and down to the book store. And I will drag my fabulous middle aged ass to the cinema this weekend too.

I used to love to cook. A million years ago when I was first moved out. Had this crazy idea that I was going to be the house everyone came to for Sunday dinners, and for the first year of so of living where I am at the moment, I was. I had little dinner parties all the time. Then my friends lives changed, they split up, had kids, etc. I got lazy, and then when I became a vegetarian, I no longer cared. Shame really, I have so many of Grandma Perry's recipes.

So of course, I had to look this chick up online. Juile Powell, whom I had heard of but never heard of till this movie has done what I have been trying to do. What I mean by that last statement, before I got rid of the evil cable, I used to watch those shows on WNetwork where you had stay at home mom's and the like talking about the best way to slice a mango or how to get a wardrobe that makes you look designer with a budget of only $200, those shows, mentioning her name here and there. I had thought she had done a biography on Julia Childs, didn't know she had done this year long project of cooking and blogging.
So she blogged about her life for a year, when blogging was fresh and shinny and no one did it yet, and had all these readers then got a book deal.

What I have been trying to do.

She also found her purpose. Which I am still trying to do.
All I can say is that if I am being pulled towards this story, there must be a reason for it. If I get a big "A-HA!" moment while reading this book, I will let you know. And when I am finished, I will blog a review. So far, I can't put it down.

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