Sunday, June 24, 2007

JCW :An Open Letter To Fans

I tune into JCW every week on Insane Clown
And every week I see the same thing happen. Fans throwing stuff at the ring. Not at all the wrestlers, just one wrestler Trent Acid. The number one Heel in JCW.
I understand if you don't like his character, fine, boo him, scream at him, don't buy his tee shirt. But show some respect, stop pounding him with things!
What are you not understanding? When you throw bottles, shoes, lighters, and every other piece of trash you do into the ring you not only hit him, you hit the other wrestlers, you hit the ICP who are the ring announcers you hit the refs....and if you have a bad throwing arm it just lands on the floor in between the ring and you, where anyone can slip/trip on it. If you have a great throwing arm, it flies over the ring and hits other fans on the other side. People are getting hurt because of a few morons out there who do not like one wrestler. The dude is great at what he does! He has held many titles in many companies, and guess what (at the time of this post) Trent Acid is the JCW champ right now. The company flagship. He wouldn't have gotten that title if the company didn't know that he was good enough to have it.
You people hate him because he is the top Heel. He is the top Heel because he has the talent to make anyone look good when he wrestles them. Some of the other guys that step in the JCW ring with him are not so good. Weaker wrestlers (I mean in talent not strength) almost never go Heel they stay Face, and your hero is only as good as your villain.
And think about people who might be tuning into JCW for the first time, seeing the way the fans are in the program. Because of a few immature fans the rest of us look bad, the idea most have in their heads of us as ICP fans, are that we are immature uneducated and violent all the time.
In the last episode, the fans were screaming one word 'family' through part of the match. How can any of you be a family when you disrespect someone who goes out there every night putting his body on the line for you, to entertain you all?

There was my rant of the week. Now I am going for coffee.

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