Saturday, June 16, 2007

Baby boom filing cabnets and a bag of chips, what does it really mean to have it all?

from org. blog aug 2005

My best friend Butterfly and her husband just had their first son. Two women I know who work at the same hotel are both off on maternity leave. My cousin and his wife are expecting their second child in a matter of weeks. Seems everytime I turn around someone is having another baby. The other thing they all have in common is the higher paying job they are all leaving. Raised to believe that a woman wants three magical things a husband a career a family all flowing together in one perfect stream of consciousness making you a compelte person is what we have been fed for the past 50years. Is it truely possible? Better question, do we truely want it that way? How hard is it really to "have it all" ? The work force is slim at the best of times, but after you have been out of it for a year or more, can you really handle the stress of returning? And what about those of us who dont want it all? Those of us who only want "half" or just one part of this conformed dream. Does that make us less a woman or just simply less ambitious? In a time when you don't even need a man to have a baby, maybe you dont need the baby to be a woman?

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