Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can you feel me?

They say that you can feel the pain your soulmate feels.

My soulmate must hate me. Whomever he is.

You all know, those who have been reading my blog on a weekly basis, that I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I. And have had every part of me broken at lest 3 times each.
There is a line in the movie Frida where she says "I have been broken, set, rebroken, reset so many times I am a jigsaw puzzle."
That pretty much sums me up. Hey I have 3 pounds of metal in me holding me together. Give new meaning to the term heavy metal. And they don't call me the Bride of Frankenstein for nothing.

So, if my soulmate can feel my pain, the poor boy must have had a world of hurt growing up and for no reason. And I think he's getting his revenge.

There are maybe two spots on my body that have never been broken, my left shoulder and my right knee.
And for whatever reason, the last few years they have hurt like hell. Ghost pains.
Few months ago, I started to get these blinding headaches that would start at the top of my skull on the right side and just shoot down through my face to my chin. Like someone had cracked me on the skull. More ghost pains.
Of course I freaked out and ran to the doctor for x-rays. All clear. I even ran to the dentist for a full jaw exam, again all clear.

Then few days ago, I was sitting chatting on the phone with a buddy of mine when my arm felt broken. I didn't do anything. It was feeling like it was twisted and broken from the middle of the arm to the middle of the hand, and the fingers were numb. And this was my left arm, my good arm that hasn't been broken. It started for no reason out of nowhere, and went away just as mysteriously.
My thought was "oh my god what did he do?"
I have no idea who "he " is.
Back in March, I had a weird thing like that happen as well. My right hand started to burn. You know like when you have sliced it up on a rope or something.
I had been laying on the sofa watching a movie when the palm on my right hand got weird. It stung for about an hour and then it went away.
Again my thought at that time had been "what did he do to himself?"

I can't explain it.
Whomever he is; I wonder if he's figured it out?
Or if he believes in soulmates?

And if you have been reading my blog, you know full well I believe in soulmates.

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