Thursday, September 24, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question part 3

Okay first sex scene is finished. Whoo.
Werewolf mythology created. Double Whoo.

My fingers are cramped up from typing and I have eye strain from the computer.

Next is the transformation scene for our werewolves. That will be difficult as I can't have it too graphic.

I have managed to zip through 2 of the main categories simply with my word count being over 2000 words. But honestly, do they want decent or quick? I can't give both. It's one or the other.
Anyone who has read my blog knows I can't have a low word count. It's just not in me, I like to ramble.
And any man who has ever been with me knows I don't do quick either.
Chew on that tasty afterthought for a while.

Back to the smutty werewolves.

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