Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. Bennet!

Back to the All Jane Austen Challenge. 6 challenges in 6 months.
I quickly did 1-5 in under 3 months because I knew the final challenge was going to drive me crazy.
The final challenge is an "essay" on the men of all the Jane Austen novels.

Mon Dieu!
That is a tall order for a normal super woman. And given my lack of any kind of official degree in English Lit or Psychology I am not a super woman. And given the state of this blog in my desperate crazed rantings about a lack of a husband, well you get where I am going with this.

Dude what's with the french?

It's the only thing I ever picked up on in French class. And that's only from reading Anne Rice novels.
But I am already seeing a pattern starting. First it was All Jane Austen, now it's the All Vamp Challenge, and I can feel it starting to want to be done, the All Anne Rice challenge.

So I will just pencil you all in for that start date will be May 2. We all agree that is workable for us?

And your essay?

I am totally lost on how to tackle that one.

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