Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 13

I got a long awaited message last night from the Aries look alike (I know I know I haven't come up with a better id for him ) wanting to chat. Okay I happen to like this guy so I started talking to him.
In the middle of the conversation I get a message from some other guy. Fine okay. Now, this second dude is telling me how he had to change his id name because he wasn't meeting anyone wanting a serious relationship, only girls wanting a one nighter. I tell him it's his career. He works in the music industry. When girls see that there is an automatic "oh he's not relationship material" attached to it, wither it's true or not that is indeed the first thought. He thinks for a few minutes then says maybe I am right.
Of course I am, I am a woman I am always right even when I am wrong I'm right.
Then he starts yammering away and I find out he's like best friends with my ex the Trainwreak.
That is a big bad in my book. I wasn't interested in this dude to begin with, now I don't even care to chat with him as friends. But wait, he then tells me that my ex the Trainwreak is a player... um duh I found that out the hard way 6 years ago when he cheated on me, tell me something new.... "he's bisexual" and I knew this too. It was the one thing Trainwreak was honest about.

Then the dude starts talking about wrestling. Okay topic I like.
He's going on about how big a fan he is of Jeff Hardy. Boring. I am not a Hardy fan, don't see the appeal of him.

Then the dude slags Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.


He does it again.

I will put up with a lot of wild talk from wrestling fans, but no one craps on my tag team.

That was the end of that dude.

So I get back to the Aries look alike, and he turns on the webcam. Fine, normal conversation. Or so it seemed for like a minute. You see where this post is headed. I am rolling my eyes at this one. I turned him down. Yeah I know, you are thinking um why if he looks as good as Austen Aries ? So he logs off webcam but continues to type. Okay fine. Then he makes a comment that kind of seems out of place. I ask what's the sitch, and he's like "oh I have a friend on here in another chat who is willing to play on webcam."
Dude, then why are you even still chatting with me?
So I ended the chat with him and went to bed.

This is why I don't date local guys.

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