Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twitch City or How I am a Television Show Part 2

I first blogged about this show back here but damn it, I thought I should talk about it again.

I think the best episode of this show was #5 "I'm Fat and I'm Proud".
It's the one where Newbie moves in and Curtis starts having control issues. It's all about the remote.

Why I think it's fabulous is that it defines the whole show. That and I have totally done that.

Curtis is such a tv junkie he carries the remote around with him at all times. The character has Agoraphobia and becomes house bound through the course of the series. Which, I have to admit has happened to me few years ago, after I had surgery on my ankle.

And this is the episode with Hugh Dillon as the customer in the corner store.

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