Thursday, September 3, 2009

My boobs

Blame it on this post and a few male friends who found it extremely funny.

I just had to deal with a guy who had a fit because I could not remember some details from his profile on the dating site. And why is it an issue, cause he's working with us on one of the sites.

What has that to do with my boobs?

When I told the Drummer about the drama fest he texted me saying "show him your boobs"
Right. Like that would make everything all better.

So the whole thing has become this massive running joke.

So why did you put "Sabin" in the tags?

Um hello read the other post link. Dude do I have to tell you everything, what are you dumb; stupid?


GingerRoot said...

Link in email doesn't work

ardeth blood said...

Damn. Link should be fixed now in the post.


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