Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anyone else notice this about Alex Shelley? part 2

I used screen captures again for this post

This was too frealing easy a post. Seriously.
Remember the other day I did this post here , well I was watching Youtube and saw this interview the MotorCityMachine Guns! did with JB, and in the course of a 4 minute interview, Alex Shelley was scratching again, 3 different times.

Dude are you giving me stuff to nag about on purpose? Because like I said in the last post, if your heroes have too many flaws then they become just men, and when that happens then you start to think they are accessible.

What do I mean by that you are asking?

Well, you start to think that they might be in your league. There is some weird twisted psychology going on here, maybe I need to see Freud again?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I personally like to think that sabin owns shelley in the god department.

ardeth blood said...

I personally wish people would start leaving email addresses and names LOL
I love the comments but would love to know who I am talking to.

Sabin as a god...Let me think on that...not the god of hair care products though.
See, I can't stop nagging about Sabin's hair. Even when I promised I would.

Damn, I can't even keep a reply short without turning it into a post.

GingerRoot said...

Hail Sabin!
You are such a dweeb. Ha-Ha!
Dweeb. Nerd. Screwball.
We need to start the Canadian Cult of Sabin or something.

ardeth blood said...

Put thoughts in my head. I can't have thoughts in my head, I have dead teenager brains happening.
This post sure did run off in a different direction eh?

Sabin is hot, almost perfect.


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