Monday, September 21, 2009

I did it again.

I am in love with my lead character.

I did this once before. Back in 2003, I wrote a romance novel and made my lead such a strong presence that I was dreaming about him.
I spent 3 months solid writing that story. One of the few pieces I have actually finished too I might add.

Seems I have done it again.
I have almost completed my new novel. My deadline is Oct 31st. And I am nearly there. All the puzzle pieces are in place, and the final conflicts are about to unravel.
And I find myself dreaming of my lead.

Does that mean I made him perfect?
Or does it mean that I just really need to start dating again? Not sure.
I have been working on this one since April.

When I wrote the other one back in 2003, I did not have the internet at home, so I was not distracted. The distractions this time around have been craziness.
I was once told that if you do not fall in love with your characters no one else will. If you are not drawn in by them, readers won't be either.

Cross your parts and hope I make deadline.

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