Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meanwhile in a divorce court across town

My mom just laid the worst news on me.
One of my cousins just ended her marriage. Great thanks a lot. Like my life wasn't crappy enough as it was, now you tell me there is one more single woman in the family to compete with.

Why don't I just go hang myself in the oven?

Not that we are really all that shocked. Seems it's never been a crime to be a slut in our family. Yeah I said it.

This is why you should live with someone for a few years first, find out if you are really in love or if you just want the big frilly white dress.
Damn, I am brutal today aren't I? Getting really bitter in my old age.
But seriously, I just don't understand how the members of my family can treat marriage so casually. They go through men like tampons. That metaphor was a pun intended by the way. You'll get that one in a few minutes.
This cousin I am bitching about only got married last November. She wasn't even married a year, barely with the man for a year and half total, and she divorced him. What's wrong with you?

Our Grandmother didn't raise us this way.

Moral of the story, if it's just the "wedding" you are after then throw yourself a frealing party, don't get married if you are not inlove and in it for the long haul.
Live with the person and skip the messy wedding.

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