Monday, May 18, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 14 2009

Um er okay. I got impatient with the show not being on iTunes Canada yet this week and went hunting for it online. The official Spike TV website actually had it working this week. (the May 7th 2009 show finally was available on iTunes Canada )

Mick Foley having the dvd footage and claiming innocence at the beginning of the show was a good start. Predictable but a good start to the show. I like it when they bookend an episode.

Having Steiner as the MainEventMafia leader for this week could have been used a bit better. They had a great idea but didn't use it to the best potential.

Eric Young's match was lack luster. Are they setting up for him to go heel? I would like to see that.

A day in the life of Jeff Jarrett...boring. Since when is following kids around town interesting? Please don't ever do that again.

Okay so the Suicide gimmick hasn't ended yet. End it please!

Speaking of gimmicks, can't we let Jay Lethal go back to being normal? He's been doing this Black Machismo thing for like 2 years. Please stop. It was funny for the first couple of months back 2 years ago, now it's just tired.

Are we going to find Samoa Joe has a little group of zombies or something? He keeps taking people out of the building like he's collecting them.

The suggestion of JB doing nude karaoke...that would have been a gut busting laugh riot.

The Nash vs No Limit in a handicap match was a good use of time wasting. Don't get me wrong, I am a major fan of Kevin Nash, and I also am enjoying this team of No Limit, but a handicap match? Why? What was the point of that? None of them got to showcase their real ability in this match. Isn't almost time for Nash to cut his hair and go face again?

Holiday vs Booker T in an I Quit match. Um okay, sure. It was nice to see Holiday in a singles match, too bad he lost. His little quirps were funny thou. Let's team Holiday up with JB and see what kind of comedy duo we can create. Actually that is a really good idea.

The Tag Team tournament saw the British Invasion vs Suicide and Amazing Red. This was a really good match considering it was a Suicide match. I am actually liking the British Invasion. The British Invasion now go against Beer Money Inc. And Suicide waiting like a cornered cat for the MotorCityMachine Guns! and Leathal and Creed to try to take his mask. Right! I really believed that he'd wait around that long, and was cornered. Oh wait, he wasn't cornered as he could have slipped out of the ropes at any point. Daniels running out to help didn't really help just kind of stood there looking stupid.

It's Senshi under that isn't it? or is it Kaz? The double short powered drop kick to the chest he keeps giving everyone makes me think it 's Senshi. But the story line ...ooopps I mean the way Kaz left back in the Fall all depressed makes me think it's Kaz. Can we just unmask Suicide already!

And as always the MotorCityMachine Guns! I don't think I have ever seen Alex Shelley interfere in a match so much before. Infact I don't think I have seen Alex Shelley interfere in a match before at all. Did anyone else notice the fact Shelley was sweating abit, cause the camera sure picked up on his arms. (No! Don't tell me Alex Shelley is just a man! I want to believe he's a God!! Seriously, he's too sexy to be just mortal. ) Chris Sabin showed a very impressive offering with his match. He seems to be able to run the ropes like a monkey, the balance he has I haven't seen too; too often. I would love to know the secret to the Hesitation Drop Kick. Too bad he lost the match. Them running into the Suicide match and double kicked him, love it. What was up with Chris Sabin's little giggle? Did Alex Shelley tell the fans to kiss his ass? (Not sure if it was an invitation or a statement) Wow, I think I might have been jealous of Suicide for a few seconds as he was being mauled by Shelley. ( yes my mind is always in the gutter when it comes to Shelley and Sabin) Why do I feel I am forgetting something?...oh right as always I must now bitch about Sabin's hair...yeah I am getting alittle tired of that rant myself so you know the score on his hair already. I said one time few months ago I could watch the MotorCityMachine Guns! read the phone book, so you know I am always happy when they have alot of air time. I just don't under stand why they haven't had the tag team belts yet?

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