Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amazon.ca vs .com

Lalalalala-oh look a movie I have been searching for; for years. It only cost $400.00 What?!
Yeah, you read right.
I was looking for the movie Black Circle Boys, and Amazon.ca had it, for $400.00. That better be one hell of a movie if you are going to pay that much for it. As in it better cook you dinner every night for a month and take out the trash for you.
But hold on to your crickets, Amazon.com had a slue of them for get this ; $10.00. Even with tax, shipping and the exchange rate I am still only looking at $20-$25 for this film.
The glitch, it gets shipped by the end of this month but might not make it here till middle of July.
A month and a half wait for a dvd.
Well, I waited twelve years already to get my hands on it, I'm in no real rush.
What's so great about this movie? Besides it being an Eric Mabius film, it's what the Craft was suppose to be.

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