Sunday, May 24, 2009

I got left off the list

Hmmm. Seems being a D-List Blogger isn't my only un-claim to fame as of late. I was checking out the Blogger Chick list and I see everyone else has been added to a new blogroll, everyone but me.

Now why is that?

a) Could it be because I am not a mommy?
b) Could it be because I am not married?
c) Could it be because I am not american?
d)Could it be because I am not a christian?
e) Or is it all the above?

Or is it because I don't prattle on about the latest episode of whatever reality tv show has the latest hottie in the latest fashion?
Here's the thing, there has to be more of me out there. Where are all the single-non-mommies-non-religious bloggers hiding? If you are thinking it, then blog it, and lend me your link. Let's start a movement.
Equal rights for the rest of us bloggers.

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