Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Bout of Writer's Block....What's New eh?

Picture it. The Year is 2009 and I the Queen of Your Evil Dreams was sitting infront of my laptop clanking out the latest draft of my latest romance novel. And pat me on the back my gremlins, this one did not have one single vampire, werewolf or witch in it. None. Not at all. Just normal people.
Course there was a love triangle what do you take me for? If there is no conflict then there can't be anything worth anything at the end right? Right.
Anyway, I got to the middle of the chapter and poof. No more words. Like the ink in my brain had dried up, or slurped out by zombies or something. I don't know. So I puttered around listening to music, made dinner and even cleaned the bathroom. Still when I returned to the computer nothing but a blank page. I don't like blank pages. They scare me. Too much empty space, and too much empty space can led to Scarrans. And you know how they can get, all about taking over the universe and wormhole weapons.
That's what you get for being on a roll for three days straight, you get burned out and loose your creative flow.
{Wow heavy right. Like don't let the giant bowl of lentils hassle me right cause no one else around here does anything right. } Yeah it got so bad I went and watched 3 episodes of The Young Ones hoping that would kick start my creativity. Nope.
So while I pace around trying to get back on track with the story plot I got all this uselessness from old tv shows crammed inside my head.
Great. Lovely. Now what?

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