Monday, May 25, 2009

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth:

You claim that Alex Shelley is the "Sexiest Man Alive" yet you talk more about Chris Sabin. Why is that? Shouldn't you be talking more about Alex Shelley?

Signed Y.B in Thunder Bay.

Dear Y.B. in Thunder Bay:

The answer to that is no. Alex Shelley, as I have stated is the sexiest man alive which puts him at god like status. To blog too much about him would show fault in him and I don't want to think of him as having faults. Therefore, he's off limits for blogging about too much.

P.S. Yolanda I know it's you but thanks for being a repeat sender.

Dear Ardeth:

I heard you were kicked out of the Miss Living Dead Girl contest for being too old. Any truth to that cause I think you would look great as a corpse.
From your number one fan Mr. B. in Montreal

Dear Mr. B. in Montreal:

I am sure you would love that. No, I never got kicked off because I never entered. Gives a girl something to think about thou now.

P.S. Fangs for the Memories
P.S.S. And as I stated once before you are not my number one fan, he lives in Detroit.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

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