Sunday, May 17, 2009

Commenting on your comments

In the two posts I have done recently So He's Not Mr. Darcy and What I learned from Sex and the City Part 10 there seems to have been some confusion.
Both topics dealing with men I happen to like, both got comments that were kinda, well one sided.
And I can see where all the hoopla came from. No one is reading the What I learned from Sex and the City Part 10 properly.
I have a paragraph where I am talking about wrestler Chris Sabin, and I popped in a set of brackets with a list, on the other side of the bracketed list I continued to talk....about Chris Sabin.
Not the last name in the brackets.
In case no one has bothered to notice, I am a major fan of the tag team MotorCityMachine Guns! (but if you read me on a weekly basis you know this people.)
When I said "The dude is a frealing genius at what he does. I am praising him every bloody chance I can get. He's talented, beautiful and flaw bad hair." I am still going on about Chris Sabin.
Some people think I was rambling on about actor/writer Joel Hynes. But I was not.


GingerRoot said...

Hail Sabin!

Anonymous said...

I could beat Sabin with one hand holding a texas micky

ardeth blood said...

But would you look as good doing it?


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