Friday, May 1, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 30 2009...(MMG version)

Wow! Where to start. This was by far the best episode of Impact I have seen in months!

Let's start with the comedy teaming of Foley and Jarrett. It's not working for me, is it working for you? Didn't think so. I love the idea of them kinda wanting to tear each others' throats out, but the fact Foley is in stand up comedy mode and Jarrett is the straight end, not the best plan of attack. {If you are going to have these two as a comedy duo then hire classic British comedic team Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson to write your comedy routines.}

Meanwhile back in the soap opera....I mean the MainEventMafia locker room, I have to say Kurt Angle putting his Mafia Godfather status on the line at the next ppv, love it! Predictable but love it!

The idea of having Abyss being fought over, I never saw that coming. (thumbs up on that) It's brilliant truly brilliant.
Speaking of men you wouldn't normally consider hot; Cody Deaner is a character I am guessing there is some fan base for ? { I don't know about the rest of you but I tune into Impact to see men like Shelley and Sabin and Young, if I wanted to see men like Cody Deaner I would just go down the street to the gas station and hang out. } But putting him into a feud with Abyss is an excellent idea. This is one feud I hope gets a few weeks worth of airtime.

A.J. Styles getting deserted by Samoa Joe was predictable but needed. I think digging up their old feud would make the X-Division hop again.

Bobby Lasher showing up backstage...yeah still don't care still not a fan.

Sting coming out of nowhere with the chair shot had me going "wtf?" where are they going with this storyline?

The Tag Team Invitational sees new comers British Invasion win over LAX and advancing in what ended up being a handicap match with 3 of the British Invasion members vs Homicide.
And a pairing of Amazing Red/Suicide over throwing MotorCityMachine Guns! (not happy)

Speaking of MotorCityMachine Guns! love the fact they had the amount of airtime they did on this program. Did anyone else notice Chris Sabin came out for his match with his hand down his pants? The one short Huricanrada (okay you know my spelling sucks) which landed Sabin on his skull kinda had me wondering if the guy hadn't measured it proper. Jump now to them in the locker room with Foley. Love the new shirts, {naked would have been better} (grey is the new black and all men look hot in grey) and the fact I am not the only one sick of the Suicide gimmick. Having them decide to ask who's behind the mask maybe we can get rid of the gimmick and give one of them back the belt. Jump to them in the ring calling out Dainels. This is why Sabin should be limited to his microphone privileges . Nice save thou I have to say once Shelley pointed out that Daniels already had a mic. Chris Sabin shouldn't make comments that he's as smart as he looks cause know where I am going with this....that hair makes him look like a dirty bucket.
Best line of the night was Shelley saying "he already has a mic" and Sabin "I just wanted to hit him"
If Chris Sabin got that close to me I wouldn't be telling him to back up. And as they ran up the ramp, why was Alex Shelley pulling his shirt up? {so not complaining !!!! }
I must add to my original post of Dirty Bucket where I suggested TNA put Chris Sabin in a Hair vs Hair match with someone. (Can we make that someone Cody Deaner? That mullet needs to go.)

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GingerRoot said...

Ha-Ha. He did come out with his hand down his pants didn't he? Damn. I just saw the clip on youtube.


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