Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Dirty Bucket Feeling (Ninja Wisdom)

Ninja, my sister has this ability to look at a photo and know before me if I will end up in a relationship with the guy. She has done this with a few of my past boyfriends/lovers. Is she psychic or just taking that 50/50 guess?

So I thought let's really test her skills.
I sent her an email simply asking what she thought of the attached photo. Her reply was this " I don't know who he is but he gives me a dirty bucket feeling"

A dirty bucket feeling.

I was laughing so hard I feel off the bed onto the floor and now have a nice bruise on my knee.
My sister not knowing whom it was in the photo is only slightly disappointing but understandable. (she only reads the blog posts that have her in it) Which is why I used that photo and not a photo of some goofball working down the street at Starbucks.

If you have been following my blog the last few months you know where this is heading, and if not you need to run back and read some of my posts.

So she could not see past the guy's lack of fashion.

A dirty bucket feeling

Sorry, still laughing at that one. But this brings up a conversation I had with another member of my social circle who said "You know instead of bitching about things, why don't you suggest something instead for once?"
Okay I will.
I suggest that TNA put Chris Sabin in a Hair vs Hair match with ... one of the guys with really long hair/beard. Yeah, that sounds good. (everyone else on the show has good hair.)

And you're all wondering if Ninja has psychic powers or just really good at guessing? I still am too, like I said she just could not get past the dirty bucket feeling.

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