Friday, April 3, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 2 2009

The whole Micky Foley going nuts is kinda dull.
Get done with the MainEventMafia already I am bored.
The Stevie Richards videos are funny.
Sting what are you thinking with that red and purple coat?

I found myself distracted with this week's show. (which I tend to be when there is no MotorCityMachine Guns!) There just seemed to be too much dragging on of things. Alot of the story lines have been in the process for months and I would like to see something fresh open up on the show. This week's show just seemed bogged down with the chore of setting things up for the big payperview in a few weeks time. I know we need to set the plot but I really hope there are a few new storylines on the way after the ppv.

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