Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth:

Why is it you never review WWE shows on your blog? I am a big fan of Jeff Hardy and want to know why you never talk about how much he rocks?
From Chair to the Headlock in Vancouver

Dear Chair to the Headlock:

I talk about TNA Impact because I like wrestling, not lameass- no- talent-melodrama that is on wwe shows. I also really think Jeff Hardy does not do anything worth talking about. Infact can't that dude just pick one hair colour and stick with it for like even a day?
So to answer your question, wwe is a badly written soap opera with guys who can not wrestle and only know how to smash each other with chairs.

Dear Ardeth:
Can I see your boobs? Are they real?
From Grabbyhands in Kitchener

Dear Grabbyhands:

No you may not see them and yes they are real.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

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