Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Knight of Cups

So I had a tarot reading done the other day, and the Knight of Cups popped up.
I was told "Romeo in a Lizard Suit"

What? Eh? Huh?

Well, the Knight of Cups is suppose to be the ultimate romantic. Okay, that makes sense sort of.
It's the lizard suit part that is confusing me. (and for those who read my posts regularly know I get confused very very easy) So I took this situation to my best trained social circle. Here is what they came up with.

My Gay Guy Friend : someone you would not normally go for. Maybe even "the" one.

My Straight Married Female Friend/High Priestess : someone going through a life change them self. Changing their point of views on things like a reptile sheds their skin.

My Straight Male Cousin : A guy with a snake tattoo?

(Um, yeah, let me get back to you on that one hon. ) Okay honestly, they can all be hitting it right on the nose right? (I mean right?) Or all totally off kilter. Either way, I have been trying to understand how the Knight of Cups in a Tarot deck is connected to a reptile? The oddest part is that I was not even asking about relationships (seriously I wasn't for once)

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