Friday, May 29, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 28 2009

Once again I missed the ppv. (No cable.) Damn I really wish iTunes Canada would get the ppvs. And why does Spike Tv website have commericals during their replay?

Amazing Red vs Suicide for the X-Division belt. I am at the vomit worthy point with Suicide and no one is listening to me. Suicide won the match and is still the holder of the X-Division belt. (boo!)

Sting is now the MainEventMafia leader. Kurt Angle looked like a child who was just scolded by the teacher as he walked down to the ring with that pout.

Having Samoa Joe threaten the Mafia was a nice touch.

Mick Foley has really gotten into this heel role. I like it. Foley needs to get a new catch phrase, he's over used the word tweek in the last month.

Stevie Richards....what the freal are you doing? That character...I mean ego has no direction. Are they trying to channel Raven or something?....Speak of the devil and he will fly in. RAVEN! I think I actually jumped up and down like a 12 year old at a Boyband concert when I saw RAVEN!

I have said before I really like this team the British Invasion, and them offering up the chances to win the briefcases was an fabulous idea. What is up with the one dude who never seems to say anything though? (I rock that Billy Idol hair do better then you do) Cody Deaner taking up the first challenge of a Ladder match was unexpected. Kind of lame but unexpected. Both of them landed alittle off kilter on that ladder, er um... actually the ladder landed on Deaner, and the member of British Invasion landed hard on his knee. I cringed. When Deaner fell out of the ring, onto the security bar and then the floor it was like watching a bad scene in a horror film, and then Deaner lost.

Eric Young was looking almost demonic. I love it. Do it again. His match against Jeff Jarrett was a strong showing, which made Young look both like the wrestler he really is and a promising heel. Jarrett won the match. Not much of a shocker there as it is heading into his own King of the Mountain match.

Daniels vs A.J. Styles for the second round of the King of the Mountain match wasn't as impressive as I was expecting it to be. Styles winning did shock me, I thought Daniels would have won but... The return of Shane Douglas I did not see coming either. Wow, very cool.

MotorCityMachine Guns! and Creed and Lethal in their promo was; well annoying. I have said it more then once, Lethal needs to drop the Macho Man routine. Chris Sabin had the quote of the night (and was funny) asking what we are all thinking, why was Lethal yelling. Alex Shelley looked like he was ready to curl up at JB's feet and go to sleep.

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