Monday, July 13, 2009

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet part 4

Sparkle Hayter.


She's So Funny. I first heard of her as an author on an episode of Life on Venus Ave. back in the mid 1990's when she was promoting Revenge of the Cootie Girls, I had loved her stand up comedy (She's So Funny {was the name of the show}) on the Women's Network here in Canada (if memory serves me right she did that under a different name) . As soon as I spotted her on the show, I was impressed. It would take me close to a decade to track down a copy for the simple fact it was selling to the point of being sold out all the time, and no one was selling it second hand. Naked Brunch came out in 2003 and it single handedly opened my interest in werewolves. I spoke to her once online few years ago by pure accident and was so honored. She has done what I have tried to do, become a respected reporter, writer, entertainer and still keep her Canadian roots. I am still trying to locate copies of the rest of her Robin Hudson Mysteries.

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