Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zombie Goo- Everywhere

Well coffee stains actually.
Everything I own is covered in coffee stains. Everything.
Spent half the day yesterday cleaning the counter and floors from all the spilled coffee.
Started innocently enough, dropped the spoon (first little splat of coffee) then as I was crossing from the kitchen to the living room snagged on the chair (next splat of coffee) put mug down on table spilled a bit left coffee rings, ten minutes later second cup, knocked it over coffee on the counter, dripped onto the floor faster then I was able to get a towel, got the swifter wet mop thingie, cleaned it up, made third cup to replace that one, had not put the mop away, it was resting against the wall and it fell over the handle knocking the mug.
See when you don't have enough coffee you have bad judgment.

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